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Where do I find my Act serial number?

If you are registering Act software for the first time, after purchasing Act, you will most likely find your serial number in an email that was sent to you when you purchased Act. Locate that email and you will find your serial number.

Full disclosure, I am a partner with Keystroke and we are the largest provider of Act software and services outside of Act. If you purchased the software directly from Act you will want to search your old email for the serial number. Most likely, the email would have come from an Act.com email address and if you bought it from Keystroke it would have come from Keystroke.ca email address. If you do not have success that way you can call Act directly at 866-873-2006. Keystrokes number is 800-857-0558 and you can also reach out to me at 781-728-9777.

If you are just curious about where to find your serial number when Act is up and running simply click on the help option on the upper grade toolbar in Act | About Act, and you will see who the product is licensed to, the serial number, and the number of licenses.

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Originally posted 2018-06-06 08:40:17.