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If you have worked with Act Email Marketing, creating email templates can often offer challenges until you gain some experience working with the Act Email Marketing Editor.

When I recently helped a client create a template in Act Email Marketing (AEM) I asked them if they anticipate sending emails that are similar in the future. When I designed the template, I knew that the next email they send will be easier to create by doing a save copy as of the template I’m creating today for them.

Recently, I attempted to do this for client and I ran into problems. He was using Act version 20 and the template just wasn’t responding to my changes as I anticipated. It was frankly very frustrating. When you work with templates in Act Email Marketing you are editing these templates in a web browser within Act. If you find you are running into troubles, exit out of Act and visit your account online to modify the template there.

Login to Act Email Marketing here: https://login.spsend.com/aem/login

Quite often you will find different web browsers react differently to Act Email Marketing. I tend to use Firefox the most and I find I do run into some issues that can be resolved if I attempt to access my account via Google’s Chrome or Internet Explorer 11. Please make note of your username and password before you attempt to do this.

Most software has a learning curve and in my opinion the best way to approach AEM is to think of it as brand new software that stands apart from Act.  I do believe the tools it brings to the table is worth every second of learning how to work with it properly and efficiently.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me for help with Act Email Marketing.