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Two Monitors

Act Quick Tip: Two Monitors

One of the best tips I can give you is to you make sure that you use two monitors in your office. Monitors are inexpensive, approximately $150 for a Dell S2340M 23 inch monitor. Having two monitors sitting side-by-side is one of those things you might not think you need or want, but once you […]

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Act CRM compatible with Windows 10?

Act Today is based in Australia. They are a firm of act consultants and on occasion I like to feature some of the great posts that my fellow act certified consultants have created for their clients. Here is a great article that I urge you to read. 6 Factors to Consider Before Upgrading to Windows […]

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Tony Holowitz: 365 ACT Tips

Free Act Training Webinars by Tony Holowitz

I have two new free webinars for Act users: What to Expect When You Are Subscribing to Act in the Cloud Learn more: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/6023450524116449793 Description You are thinking about updating your current act software to act cloud. Maybe you are new to act and you find act in the cloud an interesting proposition. Act has […]

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Act Connect API Examples

How to Add a Contact to Act from an Outlook Email

This is How to Add a Contact to Act from an Outlook Email. My experience has been that many  act users don’t fully utilize the connection to Microsoft Outlook that act affords you. For example, when you have an email in your inbox there are quite a variety of things you can do with that […]

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ACT Layout Customization: Editing User Fields Part 2

Initially, I will focus on editing some included user fields in ACT. ACT has created 10 simple to adding user fields. In this tutorial we will continue to take a look at editing and creating new fields in ACT. Our focus is on the 10 highly customizable simple user fields in ACT to start.  I […]

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Tips for Deleting Act Contacts

Last week an act user contacted me because they had deleted thousands of act contacts by mistake. Luckily, or so they thought, they had a backup of act via an online backup service. Unfortunately, act has some moving parts and the way these services backup act files is less-than-perfect.  Here are my tips for deleting […]

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Act Premium Cloud Price Increase

Act Price Increase for Act Premium Cloud

Act Has Increased Their Prices for Their Hosted Subscription Service In early October act increased the price for Act Premium Cloud from $35 per month to $42 per month. You can still subscribe Act Premium for $25 per month. Act Premium can be hosted by you if you want to use it in the cloud […]

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POP versus IMAP Email

Many of my ACT clients are small and medium size businesses that don’t have IT departments; and I try to educate them on all aspects of daily ACT life.  Dealing with email is a popular subject.  I just suggested to my client David S. that he change from POP to IMAP.  This quick video I […]

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Free QuickBooks Training

In addition to being an act certified consultant, Tony Holowitz also teaches QuickBooks for free. Many of my Act clients and followers use QuickBooks in their business.  My free computer training website www.TeachAnOldDogNewTricks.com offers a wide variety of training classes. One of those training classes which is completely free is QuickBooks. If you would like […]

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