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Act on Your Monday Mornings

What Is Your Monday Plan?  Lets forget about act software for a few minutes and talk about how you view your Monday mornings. It is important to remember that act is nothing more than a tool. It is a tool that holds contacts that are most likely relevant to you and your business. Act can […]

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Call On CRM: Integrate Skype with ACT

Call On CRM Works with Skype There are a wide variety of ACT add-ons available in the marketplace. On occasion I will introduce you to an add-on which I have never used personally or had direct experience with. On that note, I suspect it might be useful to certain types of ACT users. Therefore, I […]

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Is Act Mobile Ready? Is Your website Mobile Ready?

As a small business person it is important to understand the concept of a mobile ready website. Many of my readers and clients are small business people and they have company websites. Recently Google announced that they would penalize websites that were not mobile ready. The whole concept of having a mobile ready website is […]

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Possible Importing Issues with Act 17

When you import contact information from an outside source into an existing act database, it takes some thought, practice and planning. When you import information into act you have a number of options on how to match up contacts in your existing database to the contacts you hope to import. In my opinion, the most […]

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Who Is Your Sales Manager?

Every once in a while, you have to look at act software as if you were the sales manager for your company or business. Recently, I had a very brief conversation with the client that requested help with viewing reports in act and on the act dashboard. He wanted to understand what his sales staff […]

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