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How to Stop Accidentally Closing Microsoft Outlook

I close Microsoft Outlook by accident on a regular basis, so I decided to see if there was a way to avoid doing this and I found a solution. Source: How to Stop Accidentally Closing Outlook It’s very easy to accidentally close Outlook by clicking on the X in the upper right-hand corner, instead of […]

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ACT’s Calendar vs. Outlook’s Calendar

Working with ACT and Outlook: Reviewing the Calendar When people ask me what is the difference, or which is better, ACT or Outlook, I respond this way. ACT is a great contact manager and a poor email program. Outlook is a great email program and a poor contact manager. Together, they make a great pair.  […]

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Act ID Status: The Most Important Field in ACT

In my opinion, the most important field in Act is the Act ID Status field. The ID Status field helps you categorize every contact in your Act database. It is vital that you are able to find contacts in act quickly and efficiently.  The ID status and act allows you to do that easily. Most […]

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Adding a Visual Shortcut to the Menu Bar in Act

If you can make act easier to use for yourself and/or your employees, everyone in your business wins. This quick act tip will show you how to add things you use all the time to the toolbar in act. It is easy to do and will save you precious time. My experience has been that […]

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Act Working with Companies Part 2

Act’s company feature allows you to view notes, histories, activities and more, in one centralized location. If you have 10 contacts at the ABC Company it might be good to know who said what, who scheduled an activity, or who has some history with the contacts at a particular company. You can view attached documents, […]

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Are You Outgrowing Act Software?

My car has a trunk that holds all of my stuff. Act has a trunk, sort of. Act’s trunk is called a table and understanding what tables are can help you understand how you can potentially expand the capabilities of act. So you have a dilemma. You have been using act for a long time […]

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The 20-80 Rule of Software.

I recently taught a community education class that included Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Quite honestly, I typically don’t teach these classes but I did it because a friend of mine is the director of the local community education and she asked me to do these classes. I don’t teach classes in a classroom […]

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Possible Importing Issues with Act 17

When you import contact information from an outside source into an existing act database, it takes some thought, practice and planning. When you import information into act you have a number of options on how to match up contacts in your existing database to the contacts you hope to import. In my opinion, the most […]

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When Nothing in Act is Important

Searching for Nothing in Act Is Important. When you look at a typical act contact they contain certain types of information. Company name, phone number, mobile phone number, address and email address. Having this information makes it easy to find contact information in act. Act has the ability to track and record things that you […]

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