ACT Box 2014

Forget About ACT

In my opinion the best way to make the most out of ACT is to completely forget about ACT. ACT is only going to be as good as the thought you put into it before you start using it. In this brief tutorial I discuss my ideas for making the most out of ACT by […]

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Interpreting Act

Act Software Tips: Learning all about Act Software by Swiftpage I recently started volunteering at the New England Aquarium in Boston Massachusetts as a visitor educator. I was uniquely unqualified for the task at hand, except to say that I was motivated to learn and enthusiastic to help out. Thankfully, the New England aquarium has […]

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7 Apps to Connect to Act! using Zapier

Act! Premium helps you organize all your contacts in one place so you can prioritize your day and market your products and services more effectively, helping to drive sales results – ultimately, creating customers for life. Start using Act! today. Are you looking to take back time to focus on what you love rather than […]

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Act and Microsoft Office Compatibility – Act! Knowledgebase

With the introduction of Microsoft Office 2016, compatibility between Act and different Microsoft Office versions has become more complicated. Microsoft Office 2016 was just released and this is becoming a common issue. Microsoft in my opinion is done a poor job of describing the differences between the different versions of Microsoft Office. Some are cloud-based […]

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Lake Champlain

abstr-ACT Colors

Add some color to your ACT information, for example the notes or history tabs in ACT, to give yourself visual cues so you know what you’re looking at a glance. This quick video will show you exactly how to do that:

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