The 20-80 Rule of Software.

I recently taught a community education class that included Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Quite honestly, I typically don’t teach these classes but I did it because a friend of mine is the director of the local community education and she asked me to do these classes. I don’t teach classes in a classroom […]

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Act Working with Companies Part 2

Act’s company feature allows you to view notes, histories, activities and more, in one centralized location. If you have 10 contacts at the ABC Company it might be good to know who said what, who scheduled an activity, or who has some history with the contacts at a particular company. You can view attached documents, […]

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Truro on Cape Cod

Working Act’s Task List as a Call List

Learn how to use ACT’s task list to its fullest potential. The thing I like most about ACT’s task list is the fact that you can use it as a list and also use it to clear and track activities in ACT. Clearing and tracking activities creates histories of those activities in ACT be used […]

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Is Act Mobile Ready? Is Your website Mobile Ready?

As a small business person it is important to understand the concept of a mobile ready website. Many of my readers and clients are small business people and they have company websites. Recently Google announced that they would penalize websites that were not mobile ready. The whole concept of having a mobile ready website is […]

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My Act Toolbar is Missing

On occasion, my clients have moved or shut off a toolbar in ACT. Here is how you fix it. It is simple if you know how. Act software gives you many options. You can modify the act toolbar to show more or less information. In a roundabout way this tutorial will teach you how to […]

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AEM Basic Pro and Team Chart

Act Email Marketing for your Sales Team

Act email marketing has three types of accounts: Basic, Pro and Team. When you purchase act and register act email marketing you get 500 contacts free every month. The Pro version offers 2500 contacts and the Team version includes 5000 contacts, multiple profiles and act email marketing’s call list.  The call list is a $15 […]

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Act by Swiftpage’s YouTube Channel and Videos

The good folks at act have created a number of videos that will help act users get started with the software. I often make the analogy between learning how to use act software and learning how to drive a car. What I am trying to do as I interpret and review these videos is to […]

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ACT versus Microsoft Outlook: Part 1

Working with ACT and Outlook When people ask me what is the difference, or which is better, ACT or Outlook, I respond this way. ACT is a great contact manager and a poor email program. Outlook is a great email program and a poor contact manager. Together, they make a great pair.  The following tutorials […]

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ACT’s Default Layouts

ACT has two main layouts that most new ACT users work with. In this tutorial I am going to explore the two main default layouts in ACT. Most people that are new to ACT use one of these two layouts and many of my clients have never edited them to complement their business. These tutorials […]

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Preventing Note Editing and Deletion in ACT

How do you avoid deleting notes in ACT? If you are a big time note-taker and you put a lot of notes in ACT, the last thing you want to have happen is to have someone delete those notes. In this tutorial I will show you how to change some preferences in ACT so no […]

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