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Quickly Deleting a Note

How do you delete a note in ACT? In this tutorial I will show you how to delete a note in act. There might be times when you would prefer to delete something that you’ve already point in a note in act. This tutorial will show you how to delete one note or multiple notes.

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Act Connect API Examples

What is ACT?

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. In this video tutorial I’m going to talk about what I think ACT is. Quite often, I get the question what is ACT? In a nutshell, I would suggest that ACT is a glorified Rolodex that allows you to keep track of your contacts and track your life on ACT’s […]

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Deleting Blank Contacts in Act

This is a very common issue that I see when I review my clients act databases. In is inevitable that you will create a contact in act by mistake. I see it all the time. In this act video tutorial I will show you how they are created and how to delete them. Just make […]

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ACT’s Default Layouts

ACT has two main layouts that most new ACT users work with. In this tutorial I am going to explore the two main default layouts in ACT. Most people that are new to ACT use one of these two layouts and many of my clients have never edited them to complement their business. These tutorials […]

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Act Groups: Group Therapy Part 2 – ID Status

Act Groups are a great way to keep your information organized and relevant.  Here is the tricky part: many people lack organizational skills. Many years ago I attended a luncheon and I never forgot what the speaker talked about. He was in the computer business and he said that “most people think computers will keep […]

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ACT Video Tutorial: Smart Tasks

Act by Swiftpage has created some great video tutorials on some of their key features in act.  Here is an Act video tutorial on Smart Tasks. The video below is all about smart tasks in act. I have some strong opinions about smart tasks and how they are used by the average every day act […]

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Contact List Lines

This quick tutorial shows you how to make Act’s contact list easier on the eyes. In this tutorial I will show you how to add lines to ACT’s contact list. Now for those of us that need reading glasses you might find this tip fantastic. If you use act all day, or for that matter […]

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ACT Groups: Group Therapy Part 3: Let’s Get Visual

When you look at a computer screen all day it is imperative that you make the viewing easy on the eyes. Act by Swiftpage is no different. My tutorials on working with act groups suggest different ways to organize your information. However, one of the easiest ways to organize your information in act is by […]

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