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Act Friday Idea: Id Status

In my opinion, the most important field in Act is the ID Status field. Utilizing this field properly and efficiently makes it easy to find your contacts.  If you would like to discuss this idea or if you have any other questions about Act, give me a call. I’m in the office all day today. […]

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Act! emarketing: Using the Call List – YouTube

One of the great things about act’s email marketing tool is that it has a call list built right within act. When you purchase or subscribe to act 17, you will have free access for sending email via acts email marketing program. If you are a sales organization that does any type of telemarketing, this […]

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ACT and Outlook: Is a Divorce Inevitable?

I like ACT. I like Outlook. Usually, they are good partners. Happy together. But some days they fight, and when they do it can cause a disruption. About a week ago I started having issues with ACT and Outlook, and it took me about four hours to resolve it (and I know what I’m doing). […]

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Add a Note or History to Multiple Act Contacts

On occasion you might find it helpful to add a note or a history to multiple ACT contacts and this video shows you how to do that quite easily. This act tip was created because a new client whose name is Maria asked me how do you add a note to multiple ACT contacts? Every […]

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Putting ACT on Two Monitors (Screens)

There are hundreds of ACT add-on products.  Sometimes when you buy them they can have one little  unexpected feature that makes it worth every penny.  Jim Durkin’s Impact Suite falls into that category by helping you use ACT on two monitors or screens. Imagine putting your contact list, task list or calendar on a separate […]

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Act Email Tip: POP vs IMAP Email

I tell all of my small business clients and ACT users to use IMAP email.  POP email is old school. One of the advantages of using act is that it attaches emails you send either directly from act or Outlook to an act contact. If you are an act user, I am not convinced that […]

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Simple and Complex Act Lookups

Here is a very simple act tip that will allow you to quickly make more of doing a lookup in act. One of the key features of act is having the ability to look up contacts in your database. You might decide that you want to find all of your contacts in a particular state, […]

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