Call On CRM: Integrate Skype with ACT

Call On CRM Works with Skype There are a wide variety of ACT add-ons available in the marketplace. On occasion I will introduce you to an add-on which I have never used personally or had direct experience with. On that note, I suspect it might be useful to certain types of ACT users. Therefore, I […]

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Two Monitors

Act Quick Tip: Two Monitors

One of the best tips I can give you is to you make sure that you use two monitors in your office. Monitors are inexpensive, approximately $150 for a Dell S2340M 23 inch monitor. Having two monitors sitting side-by-side is one of those things you might not think you need or want, but once you […]

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HandHeld Contact Logo

New release of Handheld Contact for IOS

New release of Handheld Contact for IOS We’re pleased to announce that on Friday, September 8th, Handheld Contact submitted their latest build to Apple, (HHC v7.2 for IOS), that we expect to be available for download from the App Store sometime over this weekend. This build has been in production for months, and is by far the most expensive and comprehensive HHC […]

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ACT!’s Most Important Field

The ID Status is the Most Important Field in ACT! In my opinion the most important field in ACT is the ID status field. One of the best things about ACT is that it helps you stay organized. However, all of my experience has been that if you are disorganized before you started using ACT, […]

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