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ACT!’s Most Important Field

The ID Status is the Most Important Field in ACT! In my opinion the most important field in ACT is the ID status field. One of the best things about ACT is that it helps you stay organized. However, all of my experience has been that if you are disorganized before you started using ACT, […]

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30 Tips for Flawless Email Marketing from Act.com

There are Act Certified Consultants all over the world. Based in the UK, Will Ingleby has written an interesting article about email marketing. Enjoy. By: GUEST AUTHOR, Will Ingleby, Solutions for Accounting | 4/17/2017 Solutions for Accounting and CRM are leading Swiftpage Act! specialists. With over 40 dedicated consultants, developers and technicians, the company delivers complete […]

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Troubleshooting: Outlook® Integration with Act! from Act.com

When you combine the organizational strength of Act software with the emailing capabilities of Microsoft Outlook, you have a powerful tool for sales and small business. Unfortunately, these two software programs do not always play nice together.  Like young children, they can get tired and cranky on occasion after playing nice for a long period […]

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Add a Note or History to Multiple Act Contacts

On occasion you might find it helpful to add a note or a history to multiple ACT contacts and this video shows you how to do that quite easily. This act tip was created because a new client whose name is Maria asked me how do you add a note to multiple ACT contacts? Every […]

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Working Act’s Task List as a Call List

Learn how to use ACT’s task list to its fullest potential. The thing I like most about ACT’s task list is the fact that you can use it as a list and also use it to clear and track activities in ACT. Clearing and tracking activities creates histories of those activities in ACT be used […]

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Act! Add-ons: SnapInTools for Act!

SnapInTools for Act! While Act! is a great product, you may find that it is missing functionalities that are important to your business operations. At ADS Programming Services, we have developed premium Act! add-ons to provide you with several important functionalities that are missing.Some of the add-ons currently offered are listed below. Click on the […]

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Putting ACT on Two Monitors (Screens)

There are hundreds of ACT add-on products.  Sometimes when you buy them they can have one little  unexpected feature that makes it worth every penny.  Jim Durkin’s Impact Suite falls into that category by helping you use ACT on two monitors or screens. Imagine putting your contact list, task list or calendar on a separate […]

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