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ACT!’s Most Important Field

The ID Status is the Most Important Field in ACT! In my opinion the most important field in ACT is the ID status field. One of the best things about ACT is that it helps you stay organized. However, all of my experience has been that if you are disorganized before you started using ACT, […]

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Simple and Complex Act Lookups

Here is a very simple act tip that will allow you to quickly make more of doing a lookup in act. One of the key features of act is having the ability to look up contacts in your database. You might decide that you want to find all of your contacts in a particular state, […]

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What is Your Act Game Plan?

I have an Act plan that I call my Two Monday’s plan. On the first Monday of the month I have a specific list of tasks that I need to complete. Every other Monday, I have a smaller list of things that I need to complete weekly. I always focus my attention first on my […]

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ACT is Full of Boolean

In a previous post, I talked about a tool called Social Networking by Durkin Computing. You can customize the tool to Google just about anything that appears in the fields that reside in ACT. This tool will eventually lead you to searches that are more complex. These searches can use Boolean logic to make Google […]

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ACT-tention Specific Disorganization

Over the years I have spoken to a number of act users that suffer from ACT-tention Specific Disorganization. Act has a lot of moving parts. There are a lot of shiny and interesting things that can be distracting to act users. When I am working with an act user and they are bouncing all over […]

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ACT Layouts: My Final Thoughts

At some point working with ACT layouts can get very time consuming for the average ACT user. I have seen many ACT layouts created by my customers getting unwieldy, wild and out of hand! Bad colors can make a layout painful on your eyes. Bad fonts and spacing can make it hard to read. All […]

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