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Old Glory in Maine

Group Membership Rules: Part 1

Groups if done correctly can be a highly effective way to help you find certain types of contacts quickly and efficiently.  The key is to make the process seamless and with as little effort as possible.  Group membership rules help you create groups (some refer to them as dynamic groups) of contacts automatically.  My next […]

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ACT Layouts: My Final Thoughts

At some point working with ACT layouts can get very time consuming for the average ACT user. I have seen many ACT layouts created by my customers getting unwieldy, wild and out of hand! Bad colors can make a layout painful on your eyes. Bad fonts and spacing can make it hard to read. All […]

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John F. Kennedy Museum in Boston

Is Act by Swiftpage the Best CRM?

Is Act by Swiftpage the Best CRM?  I was recently asked by a long-time act user if act was the best CRM. CRM stands for customer relationship management. What do you think? Act is a tool used by many individuals and small businesses. My experience has been that it is the rare exception to the […]

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Maine Sunrise 2012-1

Summertime is a Great Time to Audit Your ACT Database

Kickback and Relax with Act this Summer My experience has been that for many businesses the summertime is a little bit more laid-back and a little bit slower. Now I know this doesn’t apply to all businesses, but many businesses are impacted by the lazy, hazy simple days of summer. I live in the greater […]

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Tony Holowitz: Act Certified Consultant

What Kind of ACT User Are You?

My experience has been that there are many different types of ACT users. This Act tip reviews those types of users and reviews some of the questions they need to ask to make the most out of ACT. I’m a Brand-new ACT user If you are brand-new to act and you’ve just opened it for […]

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Outlook 2013

If Outlook is crashing for you today, you’re not alone.

11-11-15: Windows users report bugs, crashes after recent security patches | ZDNet If Outlook is crashing for you today, you’re not alone. A number of readers have emailed in to say that Outlook, the company’s desktop client, had crashed following Microsoft’s monthly release of security patches on Tuesday. Other users are experiencing a range of […]

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When Nothing in Act is Important

Searching for Nothing in Act Is Important. When you look at a typical act contact they contain certain types of information. Company name, phone number, mobile phone number, address and email address. Having this information makes it easy to find contact information in act. Act has the ability to track and record things that you […]

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Quickly Deleting a Note

How do you delete a note in ACT? In this tutorial I will show you how to delete a note in act. There might be times when you would prefer to delete something that you’ve already point in a note in act. This tutorial will show you how to delete one note or multiple notes.

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