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Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I want to meet the man or woman that makes up these error message codes and buy them a cocktail. They make life interesting. As an Act software user you will occasionally come across an error message that is thrown by something that you did with the software. For...

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Scheduling an Activity Directly from the Act Calendar

When I am planning my week, I will often go directly to the Act calendar to schedule calls and meetings. I never use to-dos because I feel if something is worth being done schedule a time to do it via a meeting with a contact. In Act, I will typically schedule a...

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Reading Between the Lines

Here is a simple tip to help you put lines around the information you see on computer screen when using ACT.  Adding some lines will break up the information to make the readability of what you have on your screen much easier to view.  Take some stress off your eyes...

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Searching for an Act Contact. Act Lookup’s Simplified.

Looking up contact information in act is one of the most fundamental tasks in act that you will do on a regular basis. For example, if you are looking for contact information on John Smith you could look him up by his first name or his last name. You could also do a...

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