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Sales Automation Management: SAM for Act by Swiftpage

How organized are you?  One of the biggest obstacles I confront when I start working with new act software clients is their level of organization and planning. My experience has been that it is rare when my act clients can tell me a specific plan they have for utilizing act. I always asked them to […]

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Quickly Deleting a Note

How do you delete a note in ACT? In this tutorial I will show you how to delete a note in act. There might be times when you would prefer to delete something that you’ve already point in a note in act. This tutorial will show you how to delete one note or multiple notes.

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Act and Windows 10

In my opinion, you are crazy if you update your Windows computer to Windows 10! Let me tell you why. First and foremost this has nothing to do with Windows 10, I am hearing nothing but good things about Microsoft’s most recent version of Windows. But this is the question you should ask yourself: what […]

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“Act Is Just Our CRM”

Recently, a conversation with a client led to the statement that “act is just our CRM.” I was really taken aback by that comment and I’d like to tell you why. I have been teaching people about act software since 1999. You might think I’m blinded by the fact that I think act is great […]

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My Act Toolbar is Missing

On occasion, my clients have moved or shut off a toolbar in ACT. Here is how you fix it. It is simple if you know how. Act software gives you many options. You can modify the act toolbar to show more or less information. In a roundabout way this tutorial will teach you how to […]

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Tools to Make Microsoft Outlook More Efficient

We spend so much time at work dealing with email that it only makes sense to be as efficient as possible with email. I use Microsoft Outlook and there’s a good chance you do as well. As you are slogging through all of your email have you ever wondered if there’s a better and more […]

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3 Tools Act Users Should be Familiar with in 2016

If you are and act user, you should make yourself familiar with QuickBooks, WordPress for web design and Microsoft Outlook for email. These three tools can help you become much more productive when using act for sales, marketing and general organization. Free Act by Swiftpage Training Luckily for you, I offer free training videos on […]

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